High-End Barbecue (BBQ) Repair

High-End Barbecue (BBQ) Repair

The high-end barbecue (BBQ) grills are the ultimate outdoor luxury. No matter how you take care of the barbecue grill; something is bound to go wrong with it. Don’t get discouraged by how complicated the barbecue grill seems and just throw it into the trash. Did you know that repairing the grill can save you money down the road?

But before panicking and pulling apart your barbecue grill, there might be a simple solution that sometimes gets overlooked. Make sure that your Propane tank is full and properly connected. Make sure that your fuel hose and regulator are set to the “on” position. Turn on the control valves one at a time to see if the unit will fire up.

If your unit is still not working after your attempt, we suggest that you schedule an appointment for a service with one of our licensed & trained technicians.

OCApplianceService.com Technician’s Service:

WarningThe information provided on this page for informational purpose only. Natural gas and Propane gas can be very dangerous.  We suggest for you not to attempt to repair the unit by yourself as it could be harmful to your health.