Diswasher Repair

Diswasher Repair

With the exception of intimidating front control panels with the push buttons and many fancy dials, the dishwasher hasn’t changed much for the last decade. Most repairs are inexpensive and almost every part can be replaced in your unit. There are many types of dishwasher that are now available on the market. Those include Steam Dishwaters which do not require a dish to be rinsed in the sink before a load, Green Dishwaters which uses 400 gallons of water less each year and of course the conventional dishwashers.

We recommend for you to unplug the appliance from its electrical receptacle and or if the power is out of reach then shut off the circuit(s) that power it. Next, turn off the water supply valve. This is a valve that is usually routed from the kitchen sink. Remember to never work inside the dishwasher immediately after a wash cycle because some parts may be too hot to handle.

If you cannot see the source of the problem, please schedule an appointment for service with one of our licensed & trained technicians.

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WarningThe information provided on this page for informational purpose only. Don’t try to repair your Dishwasher yourself as it could be harmful to your health.